Sport Fishing for Salmon

This blog is mainly dedicated to cod fishing, but we will also present some tips on other forms of sport fishing. In this article we look at sport fishing for salmon.

To outsiders, salmon fishing may seem like a great test of patience. You spend hours on hours in the river and yet it can take days and even weeks before the fish finally bites. However, for most anglers, this sport fishing is about more than the catch. The excitement when the fish finally bites, fantastic scenery, as well as the challenge itself are some of the factors that are making this sport fishing so fascinating.

Salmon fishing puts relatively high demands on your gear. If you are lucky enough to get a nice salmon on the hook, you will find that the challenge has barely begun. There is great demand on both fishermen and gear while fighting and landing salmon.

Season, temperature, time of day, as well as the flow in the river is factors that greatly affect your opportunities and choices during this sport fishing. When the water level in the river rises, you will often find that catches can be considerably better. The salmon that have gathered outside the river mouth will start moving up the river, and this salmon is often easier to catch than the one that has been in the river for a long time. Rise of new fish also means that there is turmoil and change for the salmon that is already there. Many of these fish will move further up river. In the lower parts of a salmon river, you will also experience some of this flooding effect caused by the tides.

Low flow and high temperature in the water means big challenges for an angler, and you will rarely experience the rise of new fish under such conditions. Then sport fishing requires both patience and ingenuity. Try to vary the color and shape of your lures or flies. During river fishing under such conditions, the sun and clear weather causes an additional challenge. You should then limit sport fishing to the time of day where the sun does not light up the river. Salmon fishing around sunrise and sunset will usually provide the best opportunities for sport fishing in a small, clear river.

Spinners and Lures
Sport fishing using spinner or lures is a common way of catching salmon. When using a spinner you have to options. You can throw the spinner upstream and reel it in, following the stream. The spinner will then sink relatively deeply into the river, where it will fish effectively. You can also throw across the river, possibly a bit downstream. Be aware of the spinner's features. If you reel the spinner following the flow, you should use a spinner that is designed for such purpose.

A lure can be thrown across the stream, such as traditional spinners. During low water levels, salmon will often respond if you throw the lure a little downstream. Under favorable conditions, you should also try to throw the lure upstream. Generally speaking, suitable spoons will be the best choice in a quiet river with low flow because the contact surface is an important factor. If you are lucky enough to experience sport fishing for salmon during high water levels, a relatively heavy and slim lure usually will provide best results. But remember, no rule without exceptions.

Using bait
Using worms has long been a popular method of sport fishing. A skilled angler will often be able to catch more salmon than the best fly fishermen, while performance and technique can be equally impressive. Unfortunately, the use of worms is strongly regulated in many rivers, so you must always check the local rules and regulations before you start sport fishing using such bait.

If you drop a worm into the river it will flow almost weightless with the flow. During salmon fishing your goal should be to imitate such a natural situation. In other words, you should lead the bait downstream with natural movements. The worm can also be placed directly in front of the salmon in an unnatural way. Repeat this over and over again, often salmon will bite in sheer irritation.

There is a reason why the salmon is called the king of the river. It is an unusually strong fish that will offer you a real fight after you hooked it. When you fight a salmon, it is important to always be aware. Keep your fishing line tight at all times, and always be aware that the brake is properly adjusted. A reel with a smooth and good brake is also important during sport fishing for salmon.

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