Summer fishing for cod

Summer fishing for cod is something we definitely recommend that you try out. Many anglers put away their equipment during the hot summer months and thereby they are missing out on some exciting cod fishing. Summer fishing means slightly different requirements in relation too spots and when to fish, but both from shore and from boat it is possible to experience successful summer fishing for cod.

In most areas cod moves out to deeper water when the temperature rises. This means that you often will have to find new fishing spots, and also that you may have to fish at other times. If you want to experience some successful summer fishing it is important to always consider the conditions. Local conditions will as always affect how to approach cod fishing and particularly the water temperature will affect summer fishing for cod. Whether you are fishing from shore or from boat, will determine how and where you will find cod. First we look more closely at summer fishing from shore.

Summer fishing from shore
Summer fishing can be challenging, but also during the summer months, there are good opportunities to catch cod. You can off course use the same techniques and fishing spots as for cod fishing during the winter, but there are two methods that we especially recommend for summer fishing.

One method is night fishing. As mentioned, cod often prefer deeper water when the temperature rises. At night however, it will often come back towards the shoreline in search of food. Especially in the early morning, when the water temperature has cooled down, you will be able to experience great summer fishing. Clear water and strong sunshine can make summer fishing difficult. By using the night time, you will avoid this problem and thereby increase the opportunities for good catches.

The second method is summer fishing in areas that contain a lot of kelp. At this time of year, cod will often be chasing crabs in such areas. In order to succeed with this method, it is important that you spend some time finding suitable spots. Furthermore, you should avoid periods of strong tidal currents. Usually bait that cod naturally feed on will provide the best results. This suggests that crab would be the best choice for summer fishing in areas with kelp. Cod is however not picky and therefore other kinds of bait can also be used during such summer fishing.

Summer fishing from boat
Summer fishing from boat gives the opportunity to follow cod to deeper and cooler water. Partly because this season often offers calm wind conditions, cod fishing offshore is in many places a popular type of summer fishing. However, it is not necessary to move that far out to sea. In many areas you can find big cod relatively close to shore also during the summer.

Summer fishing from boast sets no special demands on equipment or methods. One can, in other words commit to cod fishing in the same way as during the other seasons. It is the choice of fishing spots that often will be a challenge during summer fishing for cod. Generally, one should seek spots located in deeper water. It may be offshore, but also in areas of deep water close to shore. Many fjords provide excellent conditions for summer fishing.

A good tip is to try summer fishing for cod close by a wreck. Such fishing spots have proved to produce good catches during this time of year. More about this kind of summer fishing can be found in the article wreck fishing for cod. Apart from this, we recommend that you explore fishing spots in your area. Remember that cod often will be found in shoals containing smaller fish such as small coalfish. This provides opportunities to experience great summer fishing close to shore.

Fishing equipment
Summer fishing poses no special requirements regarding the selection of fishing equipment. As for most forms of sport fishing, one should adapt the equipment to current conditions. During cod fishing in areas with kelp or rough bottom conditions, strong lines should be used. If long distance casting is required, one should use lighter lines. During summer fishing from boats, the equipment should primarily be adapted to the depth as well as the size of the cod you are chasing.

As mentioned, the choice of bait should be adapted to what cod naturally feed on. Seasonal, as well as local conditions, will therefore determine which bait will work best. Crab has proved to give good catches during summer fishing for cod. Shrimp and mackerel are other baits that have proven effective during summer fishing. However, there is no right or wrong. Most anglers have their own favorites and their own methods. Use bait that you have faith in. Remember that cod are not a picky species and it will normally eat almost anything.

Summer fishing – Try it!
Summer fishing for cod can provide excellent catches. At the same time you will often catch other species during summer cod fishing. Another factor that makes summer fishing an enjoyable experience is of course the weather. Whether you are cod fishing from shore or boat, beautiful summer days will provide some great experiences even when the big fish does not occur. Try to seek out spots where cod are chasing food. Such areas will provide good opportunities for some successful summer fishing.

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