Sea Fishing

In this blog you will find mostly tips and information related to cod fishing, but we also presents some tips on other forms of angling. In this article you will find some general information about sea fishing.

In most areas saltwater fishing is free of charge and the necessary gear can be bought at a reasonable price. Sea fishing is therefore an opportunity that many people can take advantage of regularly. There are both similarities and differences between fishing from shore and sea fishing from a boat. Deep sea fishing is something completely different, which you can read about in another article coming soon.

Sea fishing from boats
A boat gives you more options when you engage in sea fishing. You will then have the opportunity to seek out the small grounds and slopes where the fish feed. You do not need a big boat in order to fish near the coast, but be aware of wind conditions.

I would recommend a small deep-sea rod for sea fishing close to shore. A solid salmon rod can also be used. Sea fishing from a boat means that you are dealing with the current and wind. Adjust the weight on your sinks or lures, aiming to always have good contact with your gear, even if it is powerful drifting conditions. You should definitely take advantage of suspension during this sea fishing. Today, the offer is unbelievably large, so it's just to try different baits until you find your favorites. Personally, I like small suspension of various kinds, like small jigs. The great advantage of suspension is that it gives you the opportunity to try several methods and color simultaneously. Both during cod fishing, as well as during other forms of sea fishing, this has proven effective.

Shore Angling
Along the coast there are thousands of places suitable for sea fishing and many of these locations is suitable throughout the year. In cold areas you must remember to be careful during the winter. It can be slippery and dangerous. If you engage in sea fishing in areas with big waves you should always keep in mind that these can get several meters high, even in during nice weather conditions. This is because big waves can be building up far out at sea.

A rod designed for salmon is ideal for shore angling. The properties required are the same. I usually use suspension even when I fish from shore, but a maximum of one or two. Using the suspension makes it harder to exploit the rod features when you throw, so it might be okay to drop the suspension at locations where the long distance casting is needed. In my opinion, you should use lures ranging from 12 to 60 grams. I normally use lures ranging from 18 to 40 grams when I engage in sea fishing from shore. As when sea fishing from a boat, it is important to have multiple colors to choose from. If the fish do not bite, it will often pay off to try a different color. Variety is often the key to successful angling. Also, remember to adjust your lures to local conditions. They are always an important factor.

When to go sea fishing?
Time of day, not to mention high and low tides can affect the fish's willingness to bite. There are many opinions about this subject. In addition, there are large geographical variations. I'll mention some of the points that are important for sea fishing, but you will almost be certain to experience that these rules are not always correct. As a general rule, I will simply say that you can always catch fish in the sea.

Most agree that the tide could be essential for a good catch. However, experience regarding when it is best to fish varies widely. Local conditions are very crucial. Several locations in southern Norway, the difference between high tide and low tide are only 50cm, while in northern Norway it can be up to 300cm. In other areas like In Great Brittan and France there can also be a big difference. This means off course, that the importance of tide will vary a great deal. Note how the tide is when you go sea fishing. After a while you will get a good basis for deciding when it is best to fish at your locations.

Time of day is a factor that plays a minor role in sea fishing. Personally, I still find myself getting the most fish in the morning and early afternoon, but why this is so, I do not know. During the summer, shore angling is often best in the morning and evening since the fish then moves into lower grounds to hunt. You can get the most fish species in all seasons, but generally speaking, sea fishing is not at its best at the end of the summer when water temperatures are at their highest. Mackerel is an honorable exception.
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