Wreck Fishing for Cod

Wreck fishing is in many areas recognized as the best and also most popular form of cod fishing. Great catches, including large individuals are often caught close by wrecks, and many a fishermen have set their personal fishing records at such spots. This type of cod fishing requires some knowledge, which we will offer on this website. There are two main approaches to wreck fishing. Either you fish from a boat that is anchored or you fish from a boat drifting freely.

Fishing Spots
Seeking out spots suitable for this type of cod fishing, will be the first and possibly also the most important thing to do. A depth sounder, together with a good draft or a GPS will prove to be of invaluable help. If you lack local knowledge, you should consider taking part in a wreck fishing charter. If you have little experience from this form of cod fishing the same applies. Contact your local angling club or use the internet to find offers on such charters. Read the article cod fishing spots for tips on other fishing grounds that will provide good opportunities.

From anchored boat
During wreck fishing from an anchored boat is very important that the boat is maneuvered into a suitable position. The boat should be positioned a bit upstream in relation to the wreck. However, the distance should not be too long. This because it should be possible to effectively fish close by the wreck.

Using bait will often yield the best results, but jigging may also provide some really good catches. No matter which method you are choosing, the presentation of the bait or jig will be essential. You should try to present your bait very close to the wreck, along the seabed.

From drifting boat
Cod fishing from a drifting boat will also provide excellent opportunities for some great catches. The deciding factor will often be how fast, as well as in what direction the boat is drifting. The best chances you will normally experience when the boat drifts along or above the wreck. It will require some experience to place the boat in the best positions. A combination of wind and tidal water will determine the boat's movement during such cod fishing. Typically, jigging will be the preferred method during wreck fishing from drifting boats, but bait can also provide a high catch rate.

If you lack local knowledge, you should definitely join a chartered boat. The same applies if you have little or no experience from wreck fishing. You will then get a local skipper, who will know how to locate the best spots. In addition, you will be able to pick up good tips from the other participating fishermen.

Inshore or offshore?
A distinction is usually made between inshore and offshore wreck fishing. Methods are usually the same no matter where you are engaged in cod fishing. The biggest difference is normally that offshore fishing requires more powerful equipment. Remember that you are more vulnerable to bad weather during offshore fishing. If you are planning on using your own boat for cod fishing, you should begin wreck fishing inshore. It will often be easier to learn this challenging way of cod fishing on such fishing spots. Also, you will to some extent be protected from harsh weather conditions.

Wreck Fishing
When you engage in wreck fishing, it might be useful to choose methods and fishing spots based on your knowledge about cod. This fish stays close to the wrecks out of two main reasons. First and foremost, it is feeding at this location. It will therefore be an advantage if you adjust your bait, pirk/jigs, suspension and other gear according to cod's natural food source. Cod is also seeking protection in and close by the wreck. At the strong tidal current it will, for example, often seek quiet areas on the lower side of the current.

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