Shore Angling For Cod

Cod fishing from the shore is a popular, as well as very accessible sport fishing. If you have access to saltwater, the possibilities for some great catches are often good throughout the year. This is free of charge in most parts of the world and the necessary equipment is not particularly expensive.

Even the most inexperienced fisherman can try cod fishing, but some knowledge will give all anglers an advantage.On this website you will find information and advice that should improve your catch rate when you are cod fishing from the shore, as well as from boats 

Choosing the appropriate fishing equipment is important for all types of sport fishing. Although the equipment you need does not have to cost much, this also applies for shore fishing. Here you will find tips on selecting your rod, reel, line, bait lures and other accessories.
Cod is present in most areas of the sea, often near the sea bed. Some fishing spots are particularly suitable for cod fishing from the shore. Seasons, water temperature, time of day and weather conditions will affect where you will find the best spots. We will provide tips on how to choose suitable fishing spots during different conditions. You will also find tips and information on how to get the cod to bite.

When you take part in shore fishing for cod, there are several methods you can choose from. Spin fishing is probably the most common and also the easiest way to go, but using bait can also provide very good catches. Some prefer fly fishing when they are looking for cod, a demanding but very exciting shore fishing. Choose your preferred method from the menu and get tips and advice that will help you to experience successful cod fishing.

Sometimes conditions in the sea, seasons, water temperature and other factors affect your chances for good catches. Under such circumstances, you may want to try some other methods than usual. Read more about these methods, such as night fishing for cod, which has proven to give great results when the water temperature is high. Also feel free to read about cod fishing from boats.

Whether you prefer cod fishing from boat or from the shore, some knowledge will give you a much better experience as well as a higher catch rate.

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