Cod Fishing

Cod fishing is many fishermen's favorite. If you have access to saltwater, you should definitely try out this rewarding sport fishing. In most areas it is possible to engage in cod fishing throughout the year. Using boats is often effective, but you can also get good catches from the shore. The coastline with its beaches, rocky shores, reefs and piers provide endless opportunities for great catches.

As long as you don`t need any expensive fishing equipment and saltwater fishing is free of charge in most places, you probably understand why cod fishing is popular. There are not many fish species that are this easily accessible to fishermen, and at the same time is highly valued as food.

On this website you will find all necessary information about cod fishing. You will get tips and information on cod fishing from the shore, as well as cod fishing from boats. You will receive tips and advice on what fishing equipment to use. You will get tips and advice on where you should go cod fishing as well as how to get the cod to bite. Night fishing, summer fishing and wreck fishing for cod, you will also find information about. The same applies for Jigging, bait fishing and spin fishing.

In short, you will get information tips and advice on all kinds of cod fishing. Both beginners and experienced anglers will find useful information on these pages. Use the menu in order to find the information you are looking for. Cod fishing is a fascinating and exciting sport fishing that we recommend everyone to try. Cod fishing is fun!

Cod fishing in magnificent surroundings