Choosing lures and jigs for Cod Fishing

In this article we will take a closer look at lures and jigs that are suitable for cod fishing. We begin by looking at lures suitable for cod fishing from shore. This is a form of sport fishing that anyone can learn. Piers, small islands, steep slopes and other places where water is relatively deep close to shore, are well suited areas for this type of cod fishing.

Cod is a fish that eat almost everything, but still it might be wise to adapt your choice of fishing equipment to its natural food. If the cod is chasing herring it would be preferable to choose a herring imitation. Both spoons and ​​more compact lures have proven to be effective cod catchers. It is recommended that you have both these types of lures among your fishing equipment. Variation is important for any fisherman that wants to be successful under different conditions. Therefore you should also have lures with different colors, shape sand sizes among your fishing equipment. This will increase your opportunities for good catches.

Cod fishing lures 
Here's an overview including some of the best lures for cod fishing, as well as some information about these. These are lures that are recognized for their qualities as cod lures. Also, you will find some of my personal favorites that I always have among my fishing equipment.

  • Jensen Pirken, I would recommend that everyone has among their fishing equipment. This acclaimed all-round lure is suitable not only for cod fishing. Most species can be caught with this lure. This is a herring imitation that is shaped so that it has exceptionally good casting qualities. Therefore it is particularly suitable for long distance casting and cod fishing in areas where the water is deep close to shore. Solvkroken deliver this lure in 10 colors ranging from 16 to 80 grams.
  • Toby is a classic lure well suited for cod fishing. The special shape gives it lively, irregular movements, which often causes the fish to bite. Abu Garcia provides this lure in a large variety of colors usually found from 7 to 28 grams. This lure is perfect for cod fishing in shallower water.
  • Moresilda is an all-round lure that is sold worldwide. This renowned lure has a pattern of movement that often causes the cod to bite. It is always among my fishing equipment. Moresilda is distributed by Rapala VMC Corp and it is available in 14 color variations ranging from 6 to 55 grams.
  • Luhr-Jensen Krocodile is an all-round lure that is best known for its abilities as a salmon lure. However, it is also excellent for cod fishing. This lure moves a lot in the water. Therefore it is best suited for shallow water. This spoon is manufactured by Luhr Jensen in Oregon, USA. It is available in 13 color options ranging from 7 to 29 grams.
  • Stingsild is known all over the world. This lure is ideal for long casting and deep conditions, something that makes it well suited for cod fishing. Preferably it should be fished with jerky movements along the bottom. Stingsild is standard fishing equipment for many sea anglers. Solvkroken provides this lure in 7 colors ranging from 18 to 75 grams.

Cod fishing lures can be found in a large selection. By choosing from the selection mentioned above you will be able to meet any conditions. Choose some lures with a lot of movement like Toby, and some that allow you to long distance casting like Stingsild. If I should choose only one lure for cod fishing, I would choose Jensen Pirken. This lure has provided me with a lot of great catches during all kind of conditions.

Jigging for cod
It is usually during cod fishing from a boat that the largest fish are caught. Cod is known as a bottom fish, meaning that jigging is effective method. Here is a list of some acknowledged jigs suitable for cod fishing. You should have several different colors, shapes and sizes, among your fishing equipment. Variation and the opportunities to cope with all kind of conditions are essential if you are to achieve great catches.

  • The Norwegian Traditional Jig is a real classic that sells well worldwide. Its unique movement allows you to catch cod during any conceivable conditions. Solvkroken deliver this jig in weights ranging from 75 to 1,000 grams. All anglers that are fishing from boats should definitely have this legendary jig among their fishing equipment.
  • Silen is a compact jig that is well suited for jigging. It moves relatively little in the water and therefore it should be fished actively. Abu Garcia provides this in several colors and the sizes ranging from 150 to 750 grams.   
  • Jensen Jig is a larger version of the famous Jensen Pirken. This is an excellent all round jig suitable for cod fishing at smaller depth. It has a compact form combined with some great movements. Jensen jig can be found in 6 color variations ranging from 100 to 400 grams.
  • Elbe Cod is a classic Jig designed for cod fishing. This is a relatively compact jig, that has proved effective for many years. It is available in weights ranging from 100 to 300 grams, making it are suitable for cod fishing at minor depths. Elbe Cod should be fished actively.

All anglers have their own favorites. The most important thing is to have several sizes and colors among your fishing equipment. Include a few compact jigs like Silen, as well as some jigs with more movement like the traditional Norwegian Jig among your fishing equipment. Then you will be well equipped for cod fishing in all conditions and at any depths. My personal favorite is without a doubt the Norwegian traditional Jig. This can be used during any conditions. Therefore it is an excellent jig for cod fishing.

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