Cod Fishing From Boat

Cod fishing from boats is an exciting leisure activity that is suitable for everyone. It is usually from boat that the biggest fishes are caught, both offshore and close to shore. Several methods are available if you want to try out this sport fishing, most of which is easy to learn. This means that even the most inexperienced angler can try on cod fishing and even if you do not succeed at the first attempt, there are many other species that can bite. If you do not have your own boat there are still some good alternatives. You can join a friend, family or other acquaintances that have access to a boat. Also you can join a fishing charter or rent a boat. Below you will find articles that hopefully will give you the knowledge you need in order to succeed.

Cod Fishing Spots
One of the major challenges is locating the fish, something that also applies when you are using a boat. Here are some tips that should enable you to find some great cod fishing spots. In all sea and coastal areas where cod is present, you will be able to engage in cod fishing almost everywhere. Cod is present at many different depths, and you will find it both close to shore as well as far out to sea. Still some areas stand out as especially well suited. To locate such grounds, a depth sonar will be of great assistance, especially if you lack local knowledge. Read the article Fishing Spots

Bait Fishing for Cod
Bait fishing offers excellent opportunities, but also a few challenges. Which bait to use will be an important choice that should be influenced by several surrounding factors. There are many types of bait that have proven suitable for cod. When selecting bait you have to, among other things, take into account what's available at the present time of year. You must also decide whether to buy bait or find it yourselves. Some types of bait will be easily found, while other types will often require you to put down a lot of work. The simplest way is of course to buy bait from a tackle shop. The quality will, however, often be questionable when buying live bait. The vast majority will be able to provide their own bait, something that is recommended. Read the article Bait Fishing 

Wreck Fishing for Cod
Wreck fishing is in many areas recognized as the best and also most popular form of cod fishing. Great catches, including large individuals are often caught close by wrecks, and many a fishermen have set their personal fishing records at such fishing spots. This type of cod fishing requires some knowledge, which we will offer on this website. There are two main approaches to wreck fishing. Either you fish from a boat that is anchored or you fish from a boat drifting freely. Read the article Wreck Fishing 

Jigging for Cod
Cod fishing from boats is often done by letting the boat drift freely. This means that the weather and tides will control its direction and speed. Placing the boat properly in relation to which way it is moving will be essential. Let's say that the tide is moving the boat toward the north. The boat should then be positioned on the south side of the actual fishing spot. By doing so, the boat will be brought across the ground and thus allowing you some efficient jigging. Once you've drifted past this spot, you should move the boat back to where you started. Read the article Cod Jigging

Cod Fishing - Best Time
Cod fishing from boats, you can practically engage in at any given time. In most areas you will be able to fish all year round, as well as around the clock. However, there are some periods of time that are particularly suitable for cod fishing. The best period for this leisure activity is from early October until April throughout. However, you can experience great catches even during the rest of the year. Many fishermen complain about small catches during the summer, something that is often caused by the fact that cod moves into other areas.
Read this article on Cod Fishing. 

Cod Equipment
When you engage in cod fishing, it is important to use suitable equipment. Before you decide which gear to buy, you should decide how you will be fishing for cod. You should also check out the equipment you already have available. You will often find that it can be used for several kinds of sport fishing. On this website you will find tips and information about equipment for all kinds of cod fishing. You will find advice and recommendations in a variety of price ranges. Read the article Fishing Equipment


Sport Fishing Tips

In this article you will find sport fishing tips that will hopefully help you achieve some great catches. You will find tips both for sport fishing in salt, as well as sport fishing in fresh water. You will also find some general tips that apply to for most forms of sport fishing, such as Trout and Cod Fishing.

Fortunately, sport fishing is not an exact science and there are countless ways that make it possible to catch fish. These tips that are made on the basis of personal experience and on the basis of literature on sport fishing and most are generally recognized. However, do not be afraid to try your own ideas and methods. Getting ideas from others is all well and good, but nothing beats the feeling of catching big fish using a new and self-made method. Remember that this first and foremost should be fun. Therefore, choose methods and follow sport fishing tips that you will enjoy.

Sport Fishing Tips
  • Patience is probably a somewhat boring tips, but most forms of sport fishing require this. Use the appropriate time so that you fish an area properly. Do not give up if your first attempt fail, but go on to fish the area again using different tackle.
  • Variety is a sport fishing tip that many anglers fail to follow. It is easy to get stuck in the old habits and use the same tackle time after time. Vary the choice of lures, spinners, flies, jigs and other equipment. Try different colors, shapes and varieties. Do not be afraid to try new methods for your sport fishing.
  • Choose well-suited equipment. It will allow you to present your tackle to the fish during different conditions, as well as help you get it safely on shore. Remember that rod, reel and line should be adapted to each other.

Saltwater Sport Fishing Tips 
  • In the summer, cod often seek cooler water. Try cod fishing offshore or in deeper water in the fjords. This has given many good catches in the middle of summer.
  • Many species hunt smaller prey fish, and this opens the possibilities for some good catches. In areas where small coalfish, herring, etc. are gathered, you will often find big fish and such areas are well suited for cod fishing, as well as other forms of sport fishing.
  • Try attaching bait on the end of the pirk, jig or lure. Shrimp and mackerel are excellent bait that can turn your luck. This is a sport fishing tip that apply both when fishing from boats and from shore.
  • I most areas sea trout can be caught from shore all year round. A little patience is required, but often you will also catch other species during this sport fishing. Notice that looking for sea trout during the winter, in my opinion is an underrated leisure activity.
  • Do not be afraid to lose some tackle. Especially during cod fishing and one must expect to lose some gear because it gets stuck in the seabed. It is completely natural and if you never have contact with the bottom during cod fishing, it means that your lure is moving too high in the water.
  • If you are inexperienced, lack local knowledge or enjoy the company of your family this will be a good sport fishing tip. Let the boat drift freely with the wind and currents at depths ranging from 30 to 80 meters. Use jigs (pirk) and suspension and release your tackle until it hits the seabed. Then try jigging a couple of minutes before you reel in some while you make some jigging movements. This will let you fish effectively for different species like cod, coalfish and mackerel.
  • There are always quit good opportunities to catch fish in saltwater. Our main tip is therefore to try sport fishing whenever you want. Whatever the conditions are, it is possible to get some nice catches and exciting experiences.

Freshwater Sport Fishing Tips
  • An important tip is to customize your sport fishing to current conditions. Sport fishing in a clear and small river requires different methods than angling in a large river. The most important thing is to choose a method and equipment that makes it possible to present the bait, lures, flies and similar to the fish.
  • Trout fishing in a small mountain lake often offers bright and clear conditions. Then it is important to move as silent and careful as possible. Flies or small spinners can be effective during such conditions, but remember that variety is important.
  • During Sport fishing for salmon the water flow is very important. A small increase in water flow often means that “fresh” fish move up the river. During such conditions there are good opportunities to catch salmon. An important tip is to adapt the methods and equipment to the water level.
  • Do not be afraid to try new methods, or to try out your own ideas. Creativity and variation is a sport fishing tips that always will be helpful.