Some basic knowledge about codfish will improve your possibilities for great catches during cod fishing. Here is some basic information about this magnificent fish that is ideal for both sports fishing and cooking.

Atlantic cod can reach a length of two meters and a weight of more than 100 lbs. It can reach an age of more than twenty years. Cod that weighs more than 80lbs have been caught on rod both along the coast of the U.S. and Norway. The British sport fishing record is currently at 58lbs. During cod fishing, it is not unusual to catch fish weighing above 20lbs, but close to coastline you should in most places be satisfied with catches ranging from 4 - 10lbs.

Usually you will find codfish along the east and north coast of America and Canada, along the coast of Greenland, along the coast of Iceland, in the Arctic Ocean, in the Barents Sea, in the North Sea, in the Baltic Sea and in Skagerrak.

The Atlantic cod can be separated into two main categories. One group lives relatively stationary along the coast, while the other group wanders more and is frequently found in deeper water. Cod prefers water temperatures from 0 to 20 ° C and if it gets too warm along the coast, it moves far out at sea into deeper water. It is the coastal cod that allows for cod fishing from the shore all year round.

Along the coast of northern Norway you will find the best cod fishing spots. Fishermen from all over the world travel to areas around Lofoten in order to experience some incredible cod fishing. In these areas a lot of fish weighing more than 25lbs is caught and cod weighing 40lbs are not uncommon.

In most areas there will be opportunities for cod fishing throughout the year. Some local variations there will always be, but generally it is during the winter and springtime that cod fishing is at its best. There are also local variations in the size of cod. If you try cod fishing from boats or cod fishing from the shore, you should examine local conditions. There is also a lot of useful knowledge to obtain from local fishermen.

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