Sport Fishing for Coalfish

Although this blog is all about cod fishing, you will also find tips on other forms of sport fishing. During cod fishing it is not uncommon to get several other species on the hook. Coalfish and pollack are popular catches that often can be combined with cod fishing. In this article you will find tips on sport fishing for these species.

Pollack has a lot in common with coalfish, meaning that the information in this article to a large extent can be used when sport fishing for both species. However, some differences do exist. Coalfish can be bigger than pollock and you will more often find it in large shoals. Another difference is that the larger pollock often move closer to shore than the big coalfish does. What is meant by coalfish depends a bit on who you ask and in what areas you are doing sport fishing.

Fishing Spots
In areas that contain these species you will normally be able to catch them throughout the year, both close to the coast and offshore. Often you will find them in the same areas as cod is staying, meaning Pollack an coalfish often will be caught during cod fishing. Here are some fishing spots that are well suited for both cod fishing, as well as sport fishing for coalfish and Pollock.
  • Fishing spots that are located where the seabed is from 100 to 500 meters deep are often the best spots to hunt for big coalfish. Such locations generally provide good sport fishing all year round.
  • Often you will also find coalfish in areas with an uneven seabed. These ground conditions are a food basket for several fish species and at depths ranging from 100 to 200 meters you will be able to take on big coalfish.
  • At locations providing strong tidal flow you can experience incredible sport fishing. During such conditions, big coalfish are hunting herring and other prey, something which gives great opportunities to some nice catches.
  • If you are sport fishing from shore, piers, steep hills and other areas where the water is deep close to shore, often provide the best opportunities. These fishing grounds are suitable for sport fishing all year, but big pollock and coalfish will be a rather rare catch.
  • If large waves have recently been beating against the coast, you can take catch big coalfish and cod close to shore. The waves have brought up food from the seabed, which attracts many species and often big fish. Cod fishing, as well as sport fishing for other species is recommended at such conditions.
Jigging is a common and easy method of this sport fishing. You use a jig or pirk in which the weight is adjusted according to the depth and drift of your fishing grounds. Above the jig you may attach suspensions. Lower your gear directly to the bottom and then move it with a little jerky and fast movements. Notice that jigging at the seabed is not very effective when hunting for big coalfish. They move in all layers hunting for pray, but they will also be found at the bottom. Also, jigging is known as an effective way of cod fishing.
The choice of lures, jigs and suspensions is not very important. Coalfish and Pollack will eat almost anything, so it is not here the challenge lies. The big challenge is to find out where it is located. There are also other methods that can provide you with good catches and exciting experiences when engaging in this sport fishing.
Shore Fishing
Lure fishing from shore is ideal all year round. Seek fishing spots as mentioned above and get going. Long throw will give you the opportunity to fish a larger area, so pick lures that are suitable for this purpose. Lures imitating herring is often a good choice for this sport fishing. Remember to fish effectively at different depths, something you do by varying the speed when reeling in your line. Alternatively, you can vary the weight and shape of your lures. The biggest catches are hard to achieve this way, but when they follow the herring it is not impossible.
Sport Fishing Tips
If you are going for the big catch, sport fishing from a boat gives you the best opportunities. Coalfish moves across large areas and a boat make it much easier to seek locate the fish. The other methods mentioned above is more suited for fishing for smaller coalfish, but the possibilities of big fish are as mentioned always present. Remember that this two species often can be caught during cod fishing.

As mentioned, coalfish in pursuit of herring is a factor you should always keep in mind. An active boat fishing where you fish all depths in different locations will always give you good opportunities. But as with all sport fishing, there are no absolute rules. Local conditions and other factors can change the conditions for any form of sport fishing. Never be afraid to try new and creative methods when fishing.