Choosing Cod Fishing Rod

In this article you will find tips and information about what qualities you should look for in a rod intended for cod fishing. A fishing rod is widely regarded as the most important part of any equipment. Your rod should help you present your bait or lure to the fish, as well as when you are fighting a fish.

The action refers to how much a rod bends when you're casting or have a fish at the end of the line. A fast action rod bends just at the tip, while a moderate action rod bends over the last half. A slow action rod bends all the way into the handle. In general, slow action will be of great help when you are fighting a fish, while a faster action is an advantage in when casting. What you should choose depends on the method of fishing, but it is also a matter of preference.

Beach casting
Using live bait places special requirements on the rod. It should have an action that allows long distance casting. Also, it should allow you to use quiet heavy sinkers. These are qualities that easily can be combined and you will find many rods with these characteristics. However, it is not that simple, there are other important considerations one must take.

The tip action should be sensitive enough to make you feel when the fish bite. Too further complicate your choice, a slow action will be preferable when you are fighting a big fish. One should also bear in mind that live bait can easily be torn off the hook during casting. In relation to this slow action rod would be the best choice.

As you understand there are several conflicting qualities that are desirable in a rod intended for casting with bait. This means that you have to compromise and choose a rod that best suits the fishing you are going to practice. In general, we will recommend a moderate action rod for this cod fishing. If you don`t depend on the long casts or heavy sinkers, a slow action rod could be used. If you are fishing in areas where long-distance casting and heavy rigs will be used, a fast action rod will be necessary. Basically, a fishing rod between 13 and 15 feet will be ideal for shore fishing using bait.

Casting lures
Casting with lures also sets different requirements on a fishing rod. A fast or moderate action rod is preferable in relation to casting characteristics, while a slow action rod will make it easier to get your catch safely ashore. For any inexperienced fisherman a fishing rod with moderate action will be the best choice. Such a rod has relatively good casting qualities and at the same time it will work fine when you have fish on your line.

A fast action rod will provide better opportunities for long-distance casting, but it will make it more difficult to get fish that bites safely ashore. If you are using heavy lures, such a fishing rod will always the best choice, but remember that you have to be relatively skilled at casting in order to take advantage of the characteristics in a fast action rod. Generally, a longer fishing rod means opportunities to cast further, but remember that a longer rod is also harder to use.

Boat fishing
Cod fishing from boat sets entirely different requirements on the rod. Most importantly, such a rod should have qualities that helps you during the actual fishing, as well as when you are fighting the big fishes. How big fishes you are looking for, how deep the conditions are, as well as how heavy jigs and sinkers you will be using, should determine which rod you choose.

A fast action rod will be an advantage when fishing for the big fishes. Such a fishing rod will also be best suited for jigging. A slow action rod provides a much better experience when fishing for smaller fish. Such a rod should be preferred if you are using bait. A cod fishing rod with moderate action would be the best choice for most newbies. It can be used for both jigging and bait fishing during most conditions.

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