Jigging for cod

Jigging is an easy way of cod fishing, which nevertheless has proven highly effective. This is a method that is suitable for most people, as well as in most areas. The main benefit you get from using boats is freedom of movement. The opportunities to seek out good fishing spots will usually be a lot better than during shore angling, something you should take advantage of. Feel free to read more about choosing cod fishing spots.

Cod fishing from boats is often done by letting the boat drift freely. This means that the weather and tides will control its direction and speed. Placing the boat properly in relation to which way it is moving will be essential. Let's say that the tide is moving the boat toward the north. The boat should then be positioned on the south side of the actual fishing spot. By doing so, the boat will be brought across the fishing ground and thus allowing you some efficient cod fishing. Once you've drifted past this spot, you should move the boat back to where you started.

If the fish don`t bite, you should choose a new starting point. If you drifted across the middle of the fishing ground in the first the run, try a bit further out toward the edges the next few drives. The purpose of jigging is finding fish, meaning that the entire ground should be fished efficiently, if necessary.

If you lack local knowledge or if you are looking to find some new fishing spots, it can often be a good idea start at a random location. Choose a location that looks to be suitable, based on the draft and if available a depth sounder. Then it is really just to get your cod fishing started. Let the boat drift freely while hoping for the best.

The opportunities for good catches are often smaller at this form of cod fishing, but the opportunities to find new fishing spots will in many ways makes up for this. When you catch fish, you should mark the location on your draft, this for future reference and use. If conditions are very calm, this form of cod fishing may be difficult. If the boat does not move, you will not be able to effectively fish new areas.

How fast the boat is drifting will be an important factor during Cod jigging. The fishing equipment and especially the jig/pirk, must be adapted to these conditions. If there is a strong tidal current you will need to use heavier jigs in order to fish effectively. Areas that are located in shallower water will often be preferable under conditions that provide a lot of drifting. Cod fishing in really deep water will often require that boat is moving relatively slowly.

This type of cod fishing is quite easy. The jig, also known as pirk, is lowered to the bottom and then worked up and down in a fashion known as jigging. If you are jigging during strong tidal currents, you may want to take a few breaks from the jigging motions. The current will then cause the jig and the suspension to move and thereby fish effectively. The use of suspension is recommended during cod fishing, with the possible exception of the pursuit of really big fishes. Attach 2-4 suspension with approximately a foot between them. 

Be aware that cod fishing mostly take place close to or at the bottom. Cod is a typical bottom fish and it is only when it hunts large shoals of prey fish (usually herring or small coalfish) that it moves into higher water layers.

Cod fishing from an anchored boat, jigging may also be very effective. Many of the same premises will apply for such cod fishing, but you will be able to select jiggs more freely. As long as the boat is stationary, you will not need such heavy jigs in order to fish effectively along the bottom. If you are engaging in cod fishing from an anchored boat, active jigging will be important.

Jigging is an easy and commonly used method. You can engage in this sport fishing in depths ranging from twenty up to several hundred feet. Especially at smaller depths close to shore, this is a type of cod fishing that is suitable for the entire family. Often you will find that other species are caught during Jigging.

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