Cod fishing from Boats - Fishing Spots

Cod Fishing from boats are many fishermen's favorite, and it is often in this manner the largest fishes are caught. One of the major challenges is locating the fish, something that also applies when you are using a boat. Here are some tips that should enable you to find some great cod fishing spots.

In all sea and coastal areas where cod is present, you will be able to engage in cod fishing almost everywhere. Cod is present at many different depths, and you will find it both close to shore as well as far out to sea. Still some areas stand out as especially well suited. To locate such grounds, a depth sonar will be of great assistance, especially if you lack local knowledge.

  • Large underwater reefs that are located in deep water will often prove to be excellent cod fishing spots. At such spots, a lot of the cod's natural prey will be gathered and therefore cod will normally be more than willing to bite. The same goes for areas where the seabed contains steep slopes/hillsides. At such places you can experience some fantastic catches especially at the point where the seabed flattens out.
  • Wreck fishing is a well-known concept and especially in deeper water, wrecks will provide excellent opportunities for some great cathces. At such fishing spots cod will find lots of food while it at seeks protection in the wreck. Smaller underwater reefs will likewise provide good cod fishing spots.
  • Well suited fishing spots can also be found in areas that contains rough ground. In such areas there will be lots of food and small prey fish, meaning that several species of fish congregate here. In areas close to shore, you will be able to experience good catches even in places where the seabed is even. In order to experience this, you should seek fishing spots that contains kelp. Cod will reside in such areas to hunt crabs, a favorite meal.
  • When you are looking for cod fishing spots, you should keep in mind that this is a greedy fish. All areas, in which cod will find food, would therefore a preferable choice. As an example, it will often be located in and below large shoals of small coalfish or herring.
  • Don`t be afraid to try tour luck in shallow water. In areas that provide good food supply, you will find excellent opportunities at depths from 20 to 50feet. Many anglers have experienced some incredible great catches in shallow water, especially during the winter and spring.
  • You will almost invariably find cod in the vicinity of wrecks, rocky reefs, steep subsea hillsides, and in areas containing rough ground. Even lightly broken ground amongst an otherwise clean seabed will be enough to keep cod in this area. When you are going cod fishing, you should attempt to locate such locations.

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