The Best time to go Cod Fishing from Boat

Cod fishing from boats, you can practically engage in at any given time. In most areas you will be able to fish all year round, as well as around the clock. However, there are some periods of time that are particularly suitable for cod fishing.

The best period for cod fishing is from early October until April throughout. However, you can experience great catches even during the rest of the year. Many fishermen complain about small catches during the summer, something that is often caused by the fact that cod moves into other areas. This species prefers cool water, so when the temperature reaches its peak in the summer, it will seek deeper water. Cod fishing further from the shore will therefore offer the best opportunities during the summer. Feel free to read more about cod fishing spots.

Summer fishing 
Also during the summer you could catch cod in shallow water close by the coast. Areas, in which the water temperature stays below 20 degrees Celsius, would then be preferable. I would definitely recommend summer fishing for cod. Even if you don`t get the biggest catches, a beautiful summer day will provide some great experiences. Summer fishing in a small boat along the coast often means some idyllic and great outdoor experiences. More about summer fishing

Time of Day
All of hours are suitable for cod fishing from boats. The exception is cod fishing in shallow water. If you seek areas where the water is no deeper than 40-50 feet, bright sunlight could complicate fishing. Especially in areas containing clear water, night fishing will then be the best option.

Tides will affect cod fishing in several different ways. Local conditions vary widely, and these will determine whether it is best to fish at high tide or at low tide. The movements created by the tides will affect cod's food supply, and if you are cod fishing inshore you will often find the best fishing on the rising tide. Tidal water will then lead food towards the shore and the cod will follow.

During cod fishing further from the shore, it will generally be preferable to avoid spring tide. When engaging in jigging, it is common to allow the boat to drift freely. Wind conditions and the tidal water will then determine the boats movements. Periods of strong tidal currents should be avoided during jigging, mainly because the boat then will move too fast for you to fish effectively at the bottom.
Go Cod Fishing
Local conditions will always have a decisive impact on what time of year, as well as on what time of day cod fishing will produce the best catches. You should always take this into consideration when you are planning a fishing trip.

My recommendation is nevertheless that you try cod fishing whenever you feel like it. Even in areas containing shallow and clear water, it will be possible to catch cod during bright and warm summer days. Although you can`t expect the biggest catches, often the joy by the fish you catch will be especially great. It will always be satisfying to catch fish during difficult conditions.

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