Fishing Equipment

When you engage in cod fishing, it is important to use suitable fishing equipment. Before you decide which fishing gear to buy, you should decide how you will be fishing for cod. You should also check out the fishing equipment you already have available. You will often find that it can be used for several kinds of sport fishing. On this website you will find tips and information about fishing equipment for all kinds of cod fishing. You will find advice and recommendations in a variety of price ranges.

Cod Fishing Rods
In this article you will find tips and information about what qualities you should look for in a rod intended for cod fishing. The rod is widely regarded as the most important part of any fishing equipment. Your rod should help you present your bait or lure to the fish, as well as when you are fighting a fish. The action refers to how much a rod bends when you're casting or have a fish at the end of the line. A fast action rod bends just at the tip, while a moderate action rod bends over the last half. A slow action rod bends all the way into the handle. Read the article Cod Fishing Rod

Cod Fishing Reels 
Fishing equipment is of course very important to any angler. During cod fishing your equipment should both help you to get the fish to bite, as well as get it safely ashore. What types of cod fishing you engaged in, as well as how big fishes you are chasing, will determine the requirements set on your fishing equipment. An angler should always use gear that keeps a satisfactory quality. It's foolish to lose the opportunity to experience great cod fishing because of poor or improper equipment. Read the article Cod fishing reel 

Cod Fishing - Jigs and Lures 
In this article we will take a closer look at lures and jigs that are suitable for cod fishing. We begin by looking at lures suitable for cod fishing from shore. This is a form of sport fishing that anyone can learn. Piers, small islands, steep slopes and other places where water is relatively deep close to shore, are well suited areas for this type of cod fishing. Cod is a fish that eat almost everything, but still it might be wise to adapt your choice of fishing equipment to its natural food. Read this article on Cod Fishing Equipment

Fishing Equipment
If you are to engage in shore fishing for cod, a fishing rod with good casting qualities is of the utmost importance, but be aware that to some extent there is big differences between bait and spin fishing. On these pages you will find advice on which fishing equipment that is suitable for the different kinds of shore fishing. Find articles that match the cod fishing you will try.

When you are cod fishing from a boat, it is not as big a difference between fishing with and without the use of bait. There is however, slightly different requirements on the necessary fishing equipment  also for this type of cod fishing. At which depths you are fishing should also influence your choice of fishing rod, reel, sinkers and bait. Advice on suitable and necessary fishing equipment for different types of boat fishing you will find on this website.

Lures, jigs, spoons, soft bait and other fishing gear used in order to get the fish to bite, will also be reviewed in separate articles - Cod fishing - lures and jigs. The choice of such fishing equipment is often determined by personal preferences, but some general tips will be helpful for most fishermen.

It is difficult, if not impossible to find a fishing rod and reel that are suitable for all sorts of cod fishing. But some rods and reels will be able to meet several demands. You will find suggestions for all-round fishing equipmwnt which covers several types of cod fishing, and in that way allows you to save some money.

Don`t let high prices on fishing equipment prevent you from trying out cod fishing. For most types of cod fishing, it is quite possible to have success with relatively inexpensive equipment. Fly fishing is an exception, and you must expect to put in quit a lot of money if you don`t already have suitable fishing equipment.