Best Time - Cod Fishing from Shore

Cod fishing from the shore is an exciting and rewarding form of sport fishing that everyone should try. To increase the opportunities for good catches, it will be useful to have some basic knowledge. In the article cod fishing spots, you can read about where to fish for cod. Now, you will get a few tips about when you should be cod fishing from the shore.

In most areas there will actually be good opportunities for cod fishing throughout the year. Some fishermen may claim that they only catch cod at certain times of the year, this is incorrect. Often such opinions are caused by lack of knowledge on cod fishing. But although you can get good catches throughout the year, you will usually experience the best cod fishing from late September to April, throughout.

Tides will often affect the conditions for cod fishing, and is thus a factor that should be taken into account. Local conditions are extremely crucial, and it is therefore difficult to give any general advice. In some areas there are huge differences between high tide and low tide, while in other areas there are only minimal differences. In general, the days before and after spring tides will provide excellent opportunities for cod fishing from the shore.

The tide can also affect your access to the fishing spots. In some areas, low tide will prove an advantage, because you then can move further out from the shore. This will provide opportunities to reach fish that is present further out to sea. Elsewhere, high tide will be an advantage because cod are staying close by the shore. It will be adviseble to always check tide conditions at your fishing spots and also to seek information from (other) local anglers. Remember that even weak tidal flows could affect your cod fishing. This because such a flow often will affect the pray that cod are feeding on.

Basically all hours are suitable for cod fishing from the shore, but there are some exceptions. If you are fishing in areas with shallow and clear water, it will often be best to go fishing between the time of sunset and sunrise. Sport fishing, sunshine and clear shallow water don`t mix well.

Cod much prefers the cold water, so when the water temperature reaches its peak during the summer, it will move into deeper water. At night, however, cod moves back into shallower water hunting for food. Therefore "the dark hours" will often provide the best opportunities when you are trying for cod at this time of year. More about summer fishing.

As you can see there are some things you can do in order to increase your opportunities for good catches during the cod fishing from the shore. But keep in mind that you practically always will be able to catch cod. Even on a warm and bright summer day, the cod can bite at the middle of the day. Never be afraid to try cod fishing whenever you feel like it.

The hours after sunset will often prove to provide
                   great opportunities.