Sea Fishing Baits

Both during cod fishing, as well as other forms of sea fishing, the use of bait has proved to be effective. In this article we look closely at different types of bait, the benefits, as well as the potential disadvantages of these baits. Seasonal variations, local conditions, availability of bait and the fish you're after, will determine which baits are best. As a general rule, the answer is to choose the bait that the fish have natural access to and that it actually feed on.

Mackerel is often used as bait for sea fishing. Especially at deep water mackerel has proven effective, but this is bait that usually can be used for all forms of sea fishing. The advantages of using mackerel as bait are many, and strictly speaking there is no need for other baits when sea fishing from boats. In several months of the year, mackerel is easily available and one can without any problem fill up the freezer with bait. Mackerel fillets bought in a store should not be used as bait, because the smell is almost absent. Another advantage is that the mackerel sits rather firmly on the hook. This is especially important when fishing at great depths. Notice that the skin of the mackerel is the most durable near the tail.

Mackerel is also easy to split up so that one can vary the size and shape as needed. Small strips that you attach to the jig, is a good example. Most species can be caught using this method, but especially for deep-sea fishing, as well as cod fishing, this is something that is recommended. In addition to the benefits mentioned above mackerel makes a lot of good smell. Several species can smell the mackerel bait on long distance. Especially when sea fishing from an anchored boat, this is a big advantage.

Also, mackerel is well suited when sea fishing from shore. The ability to shape the bait any way you want is a big advantage that makes it possible to use this as bait to most fishing methods. Be careful how you treat mackerel that shall be used for bait. Ideally, one should use mackerel that keeps satisfactory quality even as a food fish. Both for deep sea fishing and sea fishing from shore, mackerel are recommended as bait. Especially at deeper water, this is quite a sure winner.

Shrimp can be used as bait for sea fishing. In fact, shrimp is also effective as bait in fresh water, but keep in mind that in many places it is forbidden to use shrimp when sport fishing in fresh water. Using cooked, whole shrimp is effective, but you can also use raw shrimp. Some choose to divide it into smaller pieces. Both when sea fishing from shore, by boat in less depth, as well as for deep sea fishing, we recommend using whole and cooked shrimp that you buy in the supermarket counter. Fresh shrimp is expensive and for that reason it is not recommended do. Canned shrimp is a poor alternative because they emit little or no odor.

Most fish species like shrimps and thus this bait gives opportunities to an exciting and varied deep sea fishing. Also, when going sea fishing along the coast, shrimp provide opportunities to get many different species on the hook. Combined with good accessibility this makes shrimp into attractive bait. All year round you can buy frozen shrimp at a reasonable price. With shrimp and mackerel as bait will be well equipped for deep sea fishing, as well as sport fishing from shore. For deep-sea shrimp is a good supplement to the mackerel. If you are sea fishing at depths from ranging from 10 to 50 meters, shrimp is in our opinion by far the most effective bait. Also, notice that shrimps have proven very effective when used during cod fishing.

Coalfish and herring
Small coalfish and herring are used as bait for sea fishing. Herring can in many ways be compared with mackerel. For most, however, the supply of herring is not as good as for mackerel. Herring is also difficult to attach securely to the hook. Many species appreciate a piece of herring and especially sport fishing for halibut and flounder, herring is a good choice. For the vast majority mackerel will still to be a better alternative both for coastal and deep sea fishing.

Small coalfish has some other qualities and this is bait that has proved effective during deep sea fishing. It can often be used in the same way as mackerel and in most places the availability of small coalfish is very good. Note that this bait has slightly different properties than herring and mackerel. First and foremost it gives off less smell, which of course is a minus. A big plus is the durable skin that keeps the bait very well attached to the hook. This is a big advantage when fishing in deep water. When going sea fishing from shore, mackerel will mostly be the better choice.

Other baits
Crab is effective bait that has proven to be especially effective during cod fishing. Cod and other species are hunting crab in areas with seaweed, often close to shore. Especially for cod, crab is recommended as bait, notably in shallow water. Some choose to use the crab meat as bait, but we recommend the use of whole crab.

Squid is also bait that is popular in many countries. Many species eat a lot of squid and consequently this is a good alternative. Disadvantage with squid is that it emits little odor. The big advantage is that it sits very well on the hook, and thus well suited for fishing in deep water. Squid can be combined with other types of bait. Combined with bait that gives off much odor, it makes an effective mix for sea fishing at all depths