Cod Fishing from the Shore - Fishing Spots

When you are cod fishing from the shore, the biggest challenge will often be to locate the fish. It may be a good idea to seek information from local fishermen, but some basic knowledge will to a large extent enable you to find the best fishing spots.

The conditions along the seabed are usually the most important factor when choosing cod fishing spots. This fsih will often stay in places with rough bottom conditions, mainly because it will find food and protection in such areas. Therefore you should seek fishing spots with such bottom conditions when you are cod fishing from the shore. Deep crevices, seaweeds/kelp, steep subsea hillsides, as well as a rocky seabed will provide suitable conditions for cod fishing.

Unfortunately, many fishermen will experience that they can`t catch cod, although they are fishing in suitable areas. This is usually due to casting at the wrong fishing spots. Many fishermen choose to fish in places where the bottom conditions are smooth and easy to handle, often out of fear of losing fishing equipment that could jam itself. This is a completely wrong approach to cod fishing. Cod is a bottom fish, and if you are looking for this species you must be willing to risk the loss of some fishing equipment.

If you are cod fishing from the sandy beaches the cod will often be located in areas where the seabed slopes towards deeper water. Seek such fishing spots and you will experience good opportunities to catch this species. 

After a period of stomy weather you may experience great cod fishing very close to the shore. Storms will often bring food into these areas, and therefore the cod swims into shallow water. In general, beaches with a rough seabed or steep slopes will provide be best conditions for cod fishing from shore. If the beach also has areas of kelp, it is certainly an advantage.

In some areas you will find the best fishing spots by staying away from sandy beaches. Here are some examples of areas suitable for cod fishing from the shore. Piers and other places sticking out from the shore will often offer very good opportunities. You will then have the opportunity to fish areas further from shore, areas which is usually unavailable when you are shore angling.

Casting from rocks and small mountains will often prove to be successful. In such areas you can often find cod close to shore. This becouse it will find food and protection among a rough seabed with lot of kelp.

Areas with rocks and small islets located close to shore, means rough bottom conditions and opportunities to experience some great cod fishing. In these areas you will also get many other species, such as pollack and coalfish.

Try cod fishing when the waves beat against the coastline. In such situations, food is often brought up from the seabed, and this is a delight for many species. First and foremost, you should become familiar with the area in which you will engage in cod fishing. How the seabed appears is the most important factor when choosing cod fishing spots.

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