Cod fishing from the Shore - Casting

Casting will always be an important part of cod fishing from the shore. If you can`t cast your bait or lure into the area where cod are located, it will of course be difficult to catch fish. What requirements are set on casting abilities is primarily determined be whether you are using lures or bait, as well as of how far out at sea cod is present.

Bait fishing for cod will often take place at sandy beaches as well as at other areas with shallow water. At such fishing spots the fish will often be located a bit from the shore, meaning that you must be able to perform long distance casting. Large  rods are usually necessary, and it requires a lot of training to achieve sufficiently long casting. Information on how to choose cod fishing rods.
Seeking out areas where the water is deep close to shore, will often prove to be a good alternative for cod fishing, especially for inexperienced anglers. By fishing from a pier, sticking out from the shoreline, long distance casting will not be that important.
Often, spin fishing will prove to be the best alternative for novice fishermen, and many experienced anglers also prefer this method. Shorter rods, providing fast action (elasticity) is preferable for this type of cod fishing. Long distance casting is an advantage even when spin fishing, but for beginners it`s easier to achieve this with the use of lures than it is with the use of live bait.
During cod fishing from piers and similar fishing spots, you will often find that the fish are biting just a few meters away from you. The opportunities for great catches are therefore excellent, even for those who can`t manage the longest casts.

Fly fishing is a demanding and challenging way of cod fishing. Good casting technique is of the outmost importance if you are going to try this type of shore fishing.

Regardless what type of cod fishing you prefer, the opportunities to catch fish will always be present. Try to locate fishing spots that are suitable for your casting skills. Then you will have the best opportunities for good catches and thereby you will get the best possible experiences during cod fishing.